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Army transferees

Martin Ness

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Guest spray21

Hi Martin

I was thinking about you guys the other day and trying to remember whether you were off in nov or dec - how does it feel to be leaving in one month?!

I'm v jealous! OH is currently in process of contacting adj (or someone) at new base to find out more about what he'll be doing.

We have to pack up our house soon, got to pick clothes that will see us thru winter in the UK & also be suitable for April in Oz - it's not easy!

Any way, best of luck with move, will keep fingers crossed for you - make sure you make contact again from 'the other side'!

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Guest peterandtasha


Im currently serving in the Royal Engineers and have just started the chain (well filled in expression of interest & sent CV to hopefully fingers crossed) join the Australian army, what I would like to know what is the exact process and how long it all approximately takes and any hint and tips that could help smooth the way for the transfer and speed things up.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Guest Ryan1989

Im currently in the british army as a vehicle mechanic 'A'.

ive thought about moving to australia or even transfering to the australian army, but ive been told that you have to be a sgt, is this true or is there a way for somebody like me. A lancecorporal with only six years service?

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