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Dear all PomsInOz members,

As I'm off to OZ in a week to sample the delights of the Ozzie summer :D with a bit of travel thrown in, Its my pleasure to announce that Mark78 is going to be a forum moderator on this board.


His contribution over the last few months has been invaluable for us poms thinking about the great move and Mark has certainly helped me out a great deal with all sorts of sometimes stupid questions!


I wish you all the best Mark 8)



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Cheers guys. I will endeavour to continue to help, where I can :)


If we don't chat before hand - good luck with the move, Tim. No doubt you're a very busy man at the moment, with only days to go! Just think of that brew on the beach, at the other end. 8)


Look forward to reading your posts about it all. :wink:



P.s To all, I've moved a few posts in to the correct areas, which should make the forum easier for users to retrieve info on specific topics. In turn this will cut back on double-postings of questions which have previously been answered/discussed. 8)

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