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Question regarding IELTS result for Australian PR


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It would be very great if anybody could help me out with the following question.


I have taken the IELTS test 1 months back and have got the result(L:8, R:7.5, S:7, W:6.5) that is not sufficient to apply for state nomination as I require minimum 7 in each module. I have applied for re-marking for Writing module hope that my score will change to atleast 7 from the current 6.5 band. I expect to get the re-mark result in about 6-8 weeks.


However, I am re-appearing for another IELTS test next week in an attempt to score atleast 7 band in each module.


Question: My question here is, if I get 7 band in writing after re-mark in my last IELTS and/or if I get less than 7 band in any of the modules in my next IELTS...


Can I choose to use my IELTS result of my previous(re-mark applied and got expected 7 band) test? OR I can only use the most latest IELTS test result for State Nomination (VIC) and PR application? (Since both test results are less than 2 Years old, can I use the best of them?).


Please help with this question. If anybody have encountered this situation and have used previous result over new one? Did u get your application successfully accepted and got PR?

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