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Here is how the window looks for uploading docs after lodging an 189 app, but...


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Hi Everyone,


Please have a look at the attached picture.


I took a print-screen snap while I was trying to upload documents after lodging an application for the 189 visa.


My query is about some technical aspects of uploading documents through that window.


As you can see in the picture, there is only one link for uploading work related documents:


"Work Experience - Overseas, Evidence of"


Now, how would I upload documents for all companies I worked at, or multiple documents for a single company? What if I keep uploading documents and see that the most recent one is "kicking out" the previously uploaded one? I do not want to risk any kind of experimentation.


I would like to ascertain it before uploading work-related docs as I know by now (since I already uploaded by birth certificate and passport) that, once uploaded, a document cannot be deleted in order to make any sorts of corrections.


Please share ideas on how to upload more than one doc for my work experience. Thanks.


__ mcgyver



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Guest guest30085

You can click on the icon (should be on the top right of that screen) and choose 'upload documents, it then allows you to choose from a drop down menu which type of document it is, just upload additional docs that way

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