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  1. Hello, I know it is a silly point but it is preventing me from completing the form. I need to upload form 1022 fast. I understand what "date of application" means. It is the date I lodged my app. But what does "lodged at" mean? Kindly help; anyone. __ mcgyver
  2. mcgyver

    Obtaining police clearance from RCMP Canada

    Hello Everyone, Yes, I used the digitization service offered by a third-party company named Worldwide Forensic Services Inc and got an RCMP certificate within 10 days of sending my fingerprints to that third-party company. It was in December, 2013. The certificate is black-and-white, not in color. So, I contacted Worldwide Forensic Services and they told me that RCMP always issues black-and-white certificates. Those of you who obtained RCMP certificates, kindly verify whether yours were also black-and-white. :-)
  3. Thanks. Yes, there is a button at the top-right corner of the page and the window below pops up with one drop-down list for Evidence Type and another for Document Type when I click on that:
  4. Hi Everyone, Please have a look at the attached picture. I took a print-screen snap while I was trying to upload documents after lodging an application for the 189 visa. My query is about some technical aspects of uploading documents through that window. As you can see in the picture, there is only one link for uploading work related documents: "Work Experience - Overseas, Evidence of" Now, how would I upload documents for all companies I worked at, or multiple documents for a single company? What if I keep uploading documents and see that the most recent one is "kicking out" the previously uploaded one? I do not want to risk any kind of experimentation. I would like to ascertain it before uploading work-related docs as I know by now (since I already uploaded by birth certificate and passport) that, once uploaded, a document cannot be deleted in order to make any sorts of corrections. Please share ideas on how to upload more than one doc for my work experience. Thanks. __ mcgyver
  5. Hi everyone, I am facing a small technical issue with the EOI that I submitted. I remember being asked about my identity document type (birth certificate, passport, etc), document number, expiry date, date of issue, etc, at the time I was completing the EOI process. But I have received a new passport which obviously has a new number. I need to update the EOI. But, after pressing the Update button, I cannot find the old passport information. None of the 12/13 pages that are presented to me one by one has the old passport info. Anyone, please confirm whether you can see the passport number and expiry date if you press on the Update EOI button. Thanks.
  6. Hello Everyone, I have received a positive assessment result from ACS today (26-Nov-2013), for which I applied on 28-Aug-2013. Basically, ACS deducted 4 years from my total experience. Below are the excerpts from the PDF file. Your Bachelor in Applied Science Computer Engineering has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with a major in computing. The following employment after December 2008 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level and relevant to 263111 (Computer Network and Systems Engineer) of the ANZSCO Code. Dates: Dec/04 - Jun/07 (2yrs 6mths) Position: Engineer1 Employer: Company1 Dates: Jun/07 - Aug/13 (6yrs 2mths) Position: Engineer2 Employer: Company2 Since these dates do not include specific days, but months, are the months inclusive? I mean to ask whether I may claim points from December-2008 or January-2009. If January-2009, then I will have to wait until Jan-2014 before I get full 5 years of "skilled" employment. If I am correct, I think I have to distribute my 2 jobs in 3 distinct periods, as below. But I am very much confused about splitting my current job. I marked the spots of confusion with ????. I do not want to leave any gaps since EOI asks for dates down to the specific days, not months. Job: Engineer1 Employer: Company1 Start date: Dec, 2004 (actual: 6-Dec-2004) End date: Jun, 2007 (actual: 2-Jun-2007) Is this employment related to the nominated occupation? No Job: Engineer2 Employer: Company2 Start date: Jun, 2007 (actual: 3-Jun-2007) End date: Dec, 2008 (actual: ????) Is this employment related to the nominated occupation? No Job: Engineer2 Employer: Company2 Start date: Dec, 2008 (actual: ????) End date: Dec, 2013 or Jan, 2014 ???? Is this employment related to the nominated occupation? Yes Kindly help me with filling up the ???? spots. Thanks. BR, mcgyver
  7. Yes, CaptainR, I am aware of the currency fee. Thanks.
  8. Thanks Moobobs and FP215 for your kind replies. Actually, raising the limit is not feasible for me due to some restrictions imposed by the central bank; country regulations. The max I can go for is 5000 USD which is not enough for my family of 3.
  9. This may sound strange, but, based on my talk with people around me, I think the only option left for me is to go to some businessman who will agree to lend his credit card to me provided that I do not see his card number. Basically, I will fill out everything on the webpage, close my eyes, and then he will put the card number and press the button. Once he says, "transaction is successful".... I will open my eyes... So, when the transaction is successful, does the page show the card number? I know it is awkward.
  10. Hello 189 Applicants, I am preparing to lodge an application under the 189 category. Would someone who already applied please tell me whether the credit card transaction takes place immediately? Otherwise, if I borrow a credit card from someone, I will have to ask him/her not to use the available credits for some time until the large chunk (around $6000) is deducted from it by DIAC, in order to avoid the risk of getting a failed transaction due to lack of enough credits. Thanks. -- mcgyver
  11. mcgyver

    Police Certificate Validity

    hello wrussell, If a person leaves a country and never returns then does the PCC that he/she obtains later on from that country ever lose the validity? Should it? ---- mcgyver
  12. I am surprised that no one is replying..
  13. Hello again, Someone gave a very interesting solution to the following problem below, in relation to my original post. Please have a look and share your comments. Problem scenario: Suppose I have been working for company X for 8 years as an Abcd Engineer, with the start date being Jul, 2005 and end date being Oct, 2013. And suppose I have a single reference letter from my employer mentioning these dates in it. Also, I receive a positive assessment from ACS stating that I am deemed "skilled" from Jul, 2007. Now, how do I fill out the EOI if my assessment body is ACS? Do I split my job into two distinct segments whereby I show it as two different jobs? Solution: Some say that the current practice is to tick the "not related" check-box on the EOI form for work experience periods for which I don't want to claim points - for example, because it is before the ACS "skilled" date. The wording "not related" is definitely not ideal. (After all, the work experience is relevant but part of the ACS requirement to reach the "skilled" level.) But there isn't any better solution either! So, the solution is to split the job duration into 2 parts and show the parts as jobs; Job1 having the end date coincide with the "skilled" date and labelling it as "not related to ANZSCO" Job2 having the start date coincide with the "skilled" date and labelling it as "related to ANZSCO" Job1: Abcd Engineer Company1: X Start date: Jul, 2005 End date: Jul, 2007 (the date I am considered skilled) Is this employment related to the nominated occupation? No Job2: Abcd Engineer (same job) Company2: X (same company) Start date: Jul, 2007 (the date I am considered skilled) End date: Oct, 2013 Is this employment related to the nominated occupation? Yes One may wonder why it is necessary to mention part1 (job1) at all, since it will not be used in calculating points, but the argument goes that a candidate is supposed to mention the complete history of all jobs done within last 10 years.
  14. Hello Everyone, First of all, I would like to thank the forum visitor, by the name "pattern", who sent me the useful link below to the official explanation made by ACS regarding the Skill Level Requirement Met Date: http://www.acs.org.au/migration-skills-assessment/news-and-updates Kindly have a look at the link and please scroll down to the correct section. It is an excellent piece of writing and the scenario shown as an example clearly explains what the Met Date is and what years will be included or excluded for points calculation, beyond all doubts. But, the problem is, the EOI does not ask anything about the Met Date. Rather, it simply asks about the start date of the first job. If someone puts the start date, the EOI rewards more points to the candidate. That may (in favour of the candidate) reward more points and make the invitation more probable. But, later on, a Case Officer from DIAC will calculate the points based on the Met Date and reward less points than previously calculated by the EOI based on answers given by the poor candidate to questions that the EOI system itself asked him/her. The rejection then becomes inevitable due to the discrepancy in points. I know it is not ACS's responsibility to make comments on the EOI, but I do not know where to get official sources on how to exactly address this issue while filling out the EOI properly. Please comment; anyone. --- mcgyver