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urgent help with ACS RPL


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Hi guys,


I have received the following result letter from ACS:


Your ICT skills have been assessed as unsuitable for migration under 263111 (Computer Network and Systems Engineer) of the ANZSCO Code.


The ACS project report form submitted as part of the Recognition of Prior Learning application is not assessable and therefore does not meet the requirements of the ACS as stated in the policy manual.


Your work experience has been calculated as follows on the basis of full time employment of at least

20hrs per week:


Dates: 07/96 - 07/98 (0yrs 0mths)

Position: Network Engineer - Not Professional ICT Level Experience


Dates: 07/98 - 12/07 (9yrs 5mths)

Position: Network Engineer


Dates: 01/08 - 08/13 (5yrs 7mths)

Position: Senior Network Engineer


I'm completely lost and don't know how to proceed. Should I file an appeal, a review or submit a new application.


Any help shall be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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Hi Rupert

I'm lost since the case was submitted by a Mara approved lawyer. He claims he has never had them say that the RPL report's can not be assessed. Just need to know what should be the next step?



I think find a better agent? I think this is too complex for amateurs on a forum. Quit tempted to suggest wrussell who posts on here for this case as I am sure he knows about the ACS.

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