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    New member needs help!

    I am not sure Blossom was suggesting it was an option, in fact it is incredibly difficult for anyone in trades to find sponsorship that is required for a 457. I would think particularly hard for your husband as he has not been in the trade recently. As others have mentioned, it is not the visa but the skills assessment that is likely to be your stumbling block here. Have you had a read about what is required? To be honest, I don't find TRA very user friendly. If you find the same, it might be worth a quick chat with an agent. http://www.tradesrecognitionaustralia.gov.au/Programs/Migration/Pages/Eligibility.aspx
  2. Rupert


    No idea why you feel the need for a stupid personal comment, when everyone else me included is discussing the post. If somebody is applying for a 489 visa they are not a citizen or a resident and do not have any rights to fight for in Australia. It is as daft as me announcing I am going to fight for my rights in Japan next week.
  3. Rupert

    Newbie, Saying Hi

    Too young for what? :confused: I guess it it is too late now, but it was madness for your OH to be main applicant, waste of time and money and he will have even more hoops to jump through later. You could have sent off a few bits of paper and got skills assessment back in a fortnight for a few hundred. Surely it is not hard for an accountant to pass points test, it is a degree level qualification and IELTS so required anyway, you are nearly there. If there is some issue with proceeding, I would look to switch main applicant. Shame you did not find us sooner..
  4. Rupert

    Electrical sponsor

    If you wish to emigrate, looking for job a is not really the way to go. In the unlikely event that you did manage to secure an employer sponsor, you would be almost certainly be on a temporary visa anyway. This means being tied to the employer and perhaps having to leave the country at 90 days notice of the job goes wrong. No as mentioned, skilled migration is the way to go, forget about jobs for now and focus on that pathway. It is the 189 or 190 visa you should read about on http://www.immi.gov.au.
  5. Rupert

    Applying for jobs - 189 visa

    It depends what you do, but on the whole, no employers are not particularly receptive and most people will need to be here on the ground.
  6. Rupert

    457 or PR any advice welcome

    Try before you buy is a nice idea, the practice though is somewhat different. In that finding a willing sponsor from overseas, in a trade, will be very difficult. I would maybe suggest you try and find one and then consider your options. At the moment the question seems a bit moot to me.
  7. Rupert

    Sending the wife and kids first, are we crazy?

    Do you notice that nobody who has made the move thinks it is a good idea? There is a reason for that.. :wink: No amount of money would persuade me to live apart from my OH for two years. If the money really is too good a deal to give up then all stay behind, your daughter will just have to change school twice, is that such a big deal? When I progressed from primary, everybody moved with me so it was not new people, is that not the case now, I don't know? You seem concerned about whether you will cope, you should also wonder about how your family will cope, they are the ones in a strange country by themselves.
  8. It is an absolute no brainier. I don't know why you would even think about a 457 when you have an Australian wife. Partner visa, it is irrelevant who is the bread winner.
  9. Rupert

    Sending the wife and kids first, are we crazy?

    I am a bit confused as to whether this time apart is two years as per your first post or just five months as suggested later. Either way though, nope don't do it. Migration is a journey best made as a family. I was on a different flight to my OH, five days apart and I still feel sad that we did not make the journey together! Don't put your family and your relationship under this strain, there is more to life than money.
  10. Rupert

    Apply now or later?

    No way of knowing. It might be more difficult or it might be easier.
  11. Rupert

    Queensland nurses looking for jobs

    I definitely have noticed fewer opportunities for nurse sponsorship versus when I first started reading the forums five years ago. Rightly so I think, the 457 should be for when there is a specific gap to fill, but Australia needs to cultivate its own too.
  12. Rupert

    Advantages of being single?

    I was always happy when single, made the most of my life, travelled, did cookery courses, learnt to dive, had fun. But I thought about the thread earlier and couldn't think of any real advantages, no matter how satisfied I was with life. So I reckon you should all get coupled up. Stacey is just a baby, loads of time and will be snapped up. Pablo seems like a nice chap too, I think there would be more than enough single 30 something women willing. If you are not meeting them in day to day life yet, then seriously I recommend giving them a chance with Internet dating. ETA: sorry just picked on two of you, you were just the two that stood out for me! No other reason.
  13. Rupert


    It is what it is.
  14. Oh really do you think? So what percentage of income do you think it is ok to take of a hard working higher income payer then? Because nobody seems to think that the current % is enough as far as I can tell. So I would be interested to hear a figure. Name it. And could I be any clearer. In my real life, I do not know ANYONE, who has struggled as much as I have in my past. I was brought up in abject poverty. So don't assume that people don't understand just because they don't support a benefits culture. I believe the route out of poverty is through work, not benefits. And yes, even if that does mean a 30 minute journey to work.
  15. What is nasty about it? I have worked hard my entire life. I took up a paper round when I was 12, yes 12, in order to contribute to my household. I have not had a penny off my parents since I was twelve, even bought my own school uniform from that age. So no, you get your facts right before you start calling people nasty. I have worked hard my entire life. I have put up with more hardship than most on here could ever dream about. But you know what, I believe in hard work. And when I graduated in 1992, in one of the worst recession in our time, I could not immediately find work and I applied for jobs working on the meat counter at the local outdoor market, I applied for a job working in a knitting machine factory and I took a job putting cherries on bakewell tarts. So don't you DARE judge me or assume I do not know what it is like to be hard up. Because I know as well as anyone on here, in fact better than most. And one thing I have learnt over and above anything else is that you have to get off your backside and work if you want to achieve anything in this life.
  16. Wow gosh, have to drive 30 minutes to work. I have had 90 minutes journey to work for majority of my working life, now a relatively easy 60 minutes. I didn't know I was so hard done by. I think I will refuse from next week and expect other people to pay my bills instead.
  17. This isn't really addressed to you in particular, but to anyone who is morally outraged that students have to pay for their education. I find it a bit weird that I, as a high income earner that already pays a higher % of my income over and utilises very few resources, is apparently not paying enough tax and most people on this thread would have 90% of my income taken off me or so it seems. But yet same people are opposed to students having to pay their own way. The only reason I have my high income now is because I was a student! When I started a student, there was no such thing as student loans and my goodness did I struggle. I could barely feed myself and I was without doubt the hardest up student I ever met. In my third year student loans came into being in the UK and I was first in the queue and it was a life saver to me. I was never able to really enjoy student life because I was utterly skint the majority of the three years, but the student loan helped me to complete my course, it meant I didn't have to give up. Yes people from well off families had it better than me, but so be it, life is not fair. The student loan in my third year made it possible. I started off my working life on GBP11,000 a year and it took a couple of years to pay off my loan, but it was paid off a long time ago. Yes I was fortunate, no tuition fees in those days, but even if there had been, I am sure that I would have had the foresight to know that this was an investment in my future. I could have paid off my student loan a thousand times over by now and it would still have been worth it.
  18. I was imagining a long distance relationship and proposal over Skype!
  19. What a peculiar thing to want to do .... why wouldn't you carry it or she wear it. I am trying to imagine a scenario in which someone would want to do this but I am drawing a blank. Put us out of our misery.
  20. Rupert

    CPV(143) Holder Parter Visa

    Yep, this loophole was closed in recent memory, I am not sure when but I think in the last ten years or so. It was exactly to stop people doing what you are considering. The justification for the large CPV fee is that these migrants typically did not and will not spend years paying taxes but will be drawing upon services. Obviously this applies to both parents not just one and hence both are charged the very large fee. I don't believe that your mother will be able to avoid paying the CPV fee if she wants to be permanent, your post above appears to confirm that. I don't think that citizenship for your father will make any difference either.
  21. Rupert

    Applying for citizenship when on RSMS 187 ?

    You really need to be clearer still, if this does get questioned you need to be using the right terminology. Sacked and being made redundant are very different. You are sticking to the "sacked" story, are you saying that they made up false allegations against you, found an excuse to sack you because they could not afford you? Or are you saying you were made redundant.
  22. Rupert

    Applying for citizenship when on RSMS 187 ?

    Yes agree with Blossom. "Fired for financial reason" is a very puzzling expression. The literal interpretation would be that you stole some money or defrauded the company or something? Or do you mean that your company was in trouble and could no longer afford you? In which case they did not "fire" you. The difference is really important and for good comments you really should explain the situation a bit better.
  23. Rupert

    De facto issues with PR visa - need help/confused!?

    Lilmiss, I am not even remotely interested in whether you are dating or otherwise, you flatter yourself immensely if you think I am interested in your relationship. But do you want advice or do you not? And if you do want advice then don't be childish or get snarly with me because it is not what you want to hear. Your evidence looks weak to me, do you want to hear that so you can address it or would you rather people just tell you it looks good so you send in a half baked application? Do you think it is easy to get a visa or something? And no moving to Australia together does not mean you are a defacto couple. Anybody can book a flight with someone else or a hotel, you don't need to be married or defacto to do that. If you want people to tell you to spend $4000 on a visa application on the back of a few hotel receipts then you should have just said so, I assumed you didn't want to be patronised.
  24. Rupert

    De facto issues with PR visa - need help/confused!?

    VS people chuck this stuff in along with a whole load of superfluous information. But by itself, it is not going to result in a successful visa grant. Anyway, if OP wants to apply for a visa on the back of a few holiday snaps then they can give it a go, I am just advising caution.
  25. I think employers don't expect people to stay with a company forever and can react very maturely over somebody's plans to leave. Some will appreciate the heads up and will gladly use the time well for succession planning. But it depends on the individual and each situation and employer would need to be judged separately. In your circumstances though, of being a new employee on probation, for sure I would be keeping quiet for the time being.