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189 or 190 visa


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We are currently getting ready to apply for PR (currently on a 457), just wondering what the time scales are for the visa's being granted. I would prefer a 190 but if the 189 comes through quicker we shall go for that as am not planning on leaving WA for at least 2 years.


After 2 years are you free to go anywhere? (I know its just a moral obligation)

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190 is state sponsored. While 189 is independent GSM.


from dibp site, the time processing for 190 is supposedly faster. But based on the forum experience, 189 is not too bad ...


The immi published processing time is 6 mth for 190 and 12 mth for 189. But i believe mostly come quicker than that.


Hope it helps

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Hi there!


The big question is not so much how long the application takes but rather how long does it take to be invited to make the application. Based on this, the State Sponsored Skilled visa will usually be a quicker option (provided you meet the requirements and also depending on the state). However, past experience shows that many clients are actually getting invitations for the Independent visa just as quick based on their points and occupations.


I would suggesting looking at how many points you have and your occupation ceiling then you can look at whether you would meet the State Sponsorship requirements and make an informed decision based on that. Although it may take longer preparation-wise to apply with State Sponsorship (well at least with certain States) it may just be worth it if you are looking to stay in that State anyway and get invited quicker...


Have you also considered moving to a permanent employer-sponsored visa or is this not an option at this stage?



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