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Inflation in UK? Inflation in Oz?


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Righto...so I was thinking the last time me and me mum was in.London...circa 1991.. went to have a burger meal at Burger King 5.85 pound (exchange rate 0.40 back then) is what I remember, correct me if Im wrong. Now the burger meals are 3.99. (Ex rate 0.55)


Here in oz 1991 the meals were about 5 bucks and now around ,$8. ,by burger I mean whopper.


Whats going on there, am I missing something


Im sure pints have come down since as well...


But here pints in 91 were $4.50 now $9-10 for your average beer


I havent researched other commodities but if you can remember prices then and now pls share



The aussie $ is now much stronger than in 91 against the pound


Shouldnt the reverse be true?

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