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ACT State Sponsorship 190 query


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Hi everyone,

I am very new to this but have been dreaming of emigrating for sometime. I have found that my occupation of a Post office Manger is on the Skilled list for ACT and is classed as 'open'. My queries are as follows:



  • Am i right in thinking that i have to provide 5 advertisements to support my application? If so, i have found this difficult to find just one lol!
  • I do the IELTS test (need for points) and have my skills assessed before i lodge my application for ACT SS?
  • With the skills assessments, i worked in this industry a year an half ago for 7 years but only have some wage slips for last post. How do i prove my pay for two other posts of employment (other then reference letter)? What should i get ready and how long does it take as i turn 33 in May and don't want to lose those vital points
  • What is ACT like for families? i have two daughters aged 10 an 7.



Thank you for reading!!

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I got my ACT state sponsorship last year and you are correct about the job advertisements but I was able to use temporary job advertisements from agency websites like Hays (am going as a policy advisor and permanent roles in the Australian civil service are restricted to nationals).


In terms of pay I got a letter from HMRC which listed all my pay over a number of years and who paid it, it's essential unless you have your P60s. only takes a couple of weeks and I was able to use it again at the final, national stage so worth giving them a call

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