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Electrical workers: any work out there?


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just wanted to ask if anyone in this trade has been able to find work on a supervised license.

Were just at the start of the process and getting a lot of doom and gloom with guys trying to get supervised jobs so they can work towards their license.

If anyone has any experience it would've great to hear from you?



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Check the Electricians thread. It will depend where you are going to some extent.


The problem in Aus as I see it is that the majority of electricians work for themselves in small business and they have apprentices and therefore the business cannot afford to employ other electricians. However if electricians are commercial, have special licences etc they have no problems getting work here. Its really like taking a lottery ticket and being in the right place at the right time. Also I think you can take extra courses and exams you need to be in contact with a sparky from the State you are interested in going to. Also the union sites on the web often have a lot of information and the actual State licencing authority. So get your google finger working. Each State has separate licences.

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