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Tips on finding sponsorship


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Hi, I'm new to the site and would really love some help!!! I would really love our family to move over to Australia. My husband and I travelled there for a year and now have the bug for a new exciting life for our young family. My husband is a Curriculum Area Manager for a local college in England, unfortunately my husbands qualifications are not quite satisfactory to Australia although he has many years experience. We have been told that our only option apart from studying which is not an option for us is to find a sponsor. I have no idea where to start and definitely would love some tips!!! I have however, starting sending out my husbands cv and covering letter to all Australian colleges.

Thank you in advance for any advise you can give. X

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The problem you may have with sponsorship is that your husbands skills aren't a good fit in Aus. Curriculum wise things are run quite differently - that's my experience of QLD anyway. A new National Curriculum is just beginning to be phased in here, it is likely to have quite a big impact on how things are run/organised. I can only imagine that the management and coordination jobs will preferentially be given to locals who already know the current system to help with a smooth transition.


goodluck anyway though!

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As budgets are tight in state systems they do not have a lot of support staff. Private schools may be the way to go. However most people who work in the area are teachers. My son's friend who is a principal has just been transferred to the Department and this is usual. Aus is big on bits of paper and the right bits of paper. Teachers have to have a four year degree to work here.

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