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Hi my husband has applied for a 457 visa for our family when processing my oldest son did not want to come with us as he is 17 he has also been to court in the past for petti theft he has recently changed his mind but we don't no what to do and were we stand with this he doesn't work and he isn't in any education so solely dependant on ourselves at present is there anybody else in a similar situation if so any information would be great thanks :wink:

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While he's still under 18, it's pretty easy to for him to come as a dependent. If the visa is still being processed, you may be able to have him added now. Otherwise, he will need to make a separate visa application.


If he can't be added to your initial visa application, he should get his act together to apply before he turns 18. If he's still dependent on you, it will still be possible for him to apply for a separate visa as an additional secondary applicant but will be more complicated as he must then provide evidence that he is wholly or substantially reliant on you for financial support to meet his basic need for food, clothing and shelter, or that he is wholly or substantially reliant on you for financial support because he is incapacitated for work. If you're in Australia and he's living (and perhaps working) in the UK, that's could be tricky.

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