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Medical assessment, whats included?


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I was wondering what is generally checked during the Medical assessment and what should an applicant be careful about?


Also for Visa applicants not located in Australia, are we told to get the Medical tests done from a specific Lab/Hospital that are authorised?



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Guest The Pom Queen

Hi and welcome to the forum. Wow its around 10/11 years since we had our medicals so I'm sure things will have changed, we had X-rays, blood tests, pee test. They did weight, height, blood pressure, I know mine was a little more in depth but I think that's all hubby did.

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We had ours today in Maidenhead. Lovely staff there. We got in and had the chest xrays followed by height/weight and sight test (she pointed a 4 letters on random rows of the chart and I had to read them). Then a urine sample followed by a medical - questions about anything I may have (diabetes, heart condition etc) then she checked blood pressure, reflexes, gave me a good feel all over and checked my ears, mouth and eyes. Then bloods and we were done!

The three of us were there for about 2.5 hours in total, but it wasn't too painful!!

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