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shipping pet on 2 planes or 1


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Hi ,


Just been researching pet shipping costs and have found that most fly on 1 direct flight with a stop mid way for refueling, from Heathrow to Sydney. However one and only one I have found actually goes from Manchester to Dubai, at this point there is a brief stop over at kennels for 7 hours where the dog can stretch in a run and have something to eat . Then complete the journey on from Dubai to Sydney. I believe this is now possible as the crates no longer have to be sealed. Just wondered on peoples opinions and experience. Being confined in crate without food in a small hold for 30 hours doesn't seem pleasant the other options appears better?

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Guest The Pom Queen

They are never left without water for 30 hours and water is given and they are looked after. I don't know the new guidelines as I've been out of this for a few years now but it use to be that the crates were sealed unless passing through another rabies free country. The best person to ask would be Bob as he is a vet and a pet shipper, you can find him on here under Bob at Pet Air

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Check to see what the temp is in Dubai when you plan to ship. It gets hot there. I'd be concerned about crates with dogs in sitting on the tarmac or not in temp controlled places if they are taken off the plane. Also consider the dog. Is it going to be more stressful to remain in the crate till Aus or be taken out, strange people surrounding it (and possibly language spoken it won't understand) being unloaded from crate and then put back in again (perhaps not wanting to) and so on.


Personally I'd go for the refuel straight through option. Thousands of animals fly this way every year and come out the other end just fine.

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