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Hi every 1we move to gosford nsw on the 13 feb


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Theres heaps of nice places on the Central Coast, I lived there a long time ago, my eldest was born in Gosford, There is also some sh1t holes too, Check out Avoca, Green Point, Davistown, Maybe Terriagal and Wamberal, the list goes on. Good luck with the moves

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Hi We moved to Gosford in November, there are lots of rentals around but lots of people chasing,so get your application packs ready. You will need one each for yourself and your husband, take photocopies of your passport, print off your electronic visa entitlement proof of income, referees, credit card and we found it helpful to write a covering application letter, you will need this for EVERY house you apply for even if they are handled by the same agent!! Also take copies of your husbands contract of employment.As soon as you can get your Medicare card and your NSW driving licences(dead easy just take your UK ones and passport and proof of where you are staying into the RTA office) as these help towards your 100 points. You will be asked for 4 weeks rent as a bond plus 2 weeks in advance but if you offer more this can get you over the line. Prices vary enormously anything from $220 a week for a small unit to $400 or more for a house, depends what you want. Most places will start at 6 months lease so you don't feel you have to get the perfect place straightway!! Remember also that the agents vet the applications, then give them to the landlord who makes the final decision.

Having said all that you have picked a good spot, we are very happy here on the Central Coast!! :)

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