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Electronics & Telecommunication from India - ICT Major/Minor


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In one of the forums threads, I see this mentioned -


ACS considers Bachelor of Engineering from India in electronics, telecommunications and computer science as AQF bachelor degree with a Major in computing. as all of them have at at least 40% of computer science related subjects.




Is this really true? Because I have a Bachelor in Electronics & Telecommunication and was not sure if I even qualify for ICT Minor. Below were my subjects, at least I cannot find how these relate to 40% of computer science subjects




Applied Mathematics-I

Applied Science-I

Engineering Mechanics

Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Computer Programming-I




Applied Mathematics-II

Applied Science-II

Communication Skills

Engineering Drawing

Computer Programming-II

Basic Workshop Practice-II




Applied Mathematics-III


Electrical Networks

Logic Design

Numerical Techniques

Principal of Control Systems




Wave Shaping Technique


Signals and Systems

Principles of Comm. Engg.

Electromagnetic Wave Theory

Applied Maths IV




Presentation and Communication Techniques

Computer Architecture and Organization

Communication Circuits

Filter Theory

Elements of Microprocessor

Elements of Microelectronics

Applied Mathematics -V




Microcontrollers and Embedded Programming

Electronic Instrumentation

Antenna and Wave Propagation

TV and Video Engg.

Probability and Random Processes

Industrial Economics and Management




Digital Communication

Microwave Devices and Circuits

Radar Engineering

Mobile Communication Systems

Discrete Time Signal Processing




Satellite Communication

Computer Communication Networks

Optical Fiber Communication

Wireless NetworksJoshua

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