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What is the equivalent to your uk qualifications in Australia? And how do you find out.


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Hello everyone,


Does anyone know how to find out what their uk qualifications are equivalent to in Australia?

I shall tell you what I mean...

I am a qualified gas engineer (gas fitter on the sol list) I have completed an apprenticeship whic included level 2 nvq in gas and I got my acs card, this was 3 years ago so now I can apply to get my skills assessed if that is the level they are asking for. After that I completed level 3 nvq, if they ask for the equivalent to level 3 then I will have to wait till July, as this would be 3 years after that was completed.


I am a bit confused! I tried the aqf website but no luck there.


I just thought I could get a quick answer on here if anyone else has been in a similar position.


Also, has anyone found all their qualifications don't fit on the form? Should I just add them separately?


And what do you do if you can't get your boss to sign all you copies of certificates etc? I don't really want to ask him as I won't be leaving for a year and it will make everything rather awkward at work!


Many thanks to you all

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