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  1. geordiesarah

    189 Visa Lodged July 2015

    Hi guys Have any 189 visa applicants from July been allocated a CO yet or received any correspondence? I sent mine off on the 1st July, but haven't heard anything back yet. Just wondering if anyone has been allocated a CO yet from roughly the same timeline. Thanks!
  2. geordiesarah

    Has anyone used an online course to help with IELTS

    Hi I did a workshop at an English language centre £50 for 4 x night classes, well worth the money, got 9,9,9,8.5 it's all about knowing how to answer the question, which you get taught in the class. Good luck!
  3. Good idea! Although I think my parents would go crazy if I did that!!
  4. Hi guys Just wondering if anyone knows of a company that would hold your belongings in the UK before they ship to Aus. We are heading out in November so want to sell house and pack up everything ( no furniture just personal belongings and 3 x Bikes plus a surf board) then leave in storage for 8 weeks in the UK before it is shipped. During those 8 weeks we want to travel around Aus. To choose whether we want to live in WA or QLD. Then we can tell the shipping company which side of the country to ship it to!! Anyone ever done this? Cheers!!
  5. geordiesarah

    Certifying documents is it neccessary?

    Hi guys Sorry for the slow reply, I have got everything together and about to send everything off today. I have ended up getting my docs certified by a solicitor as my friend did it for free. Very excited at this point! apart from the fact they put the prices up today thanks for your help!
  6. geordiesarah

    Certifying documents is it neccessary?

    Hi chaps Hope you can help! Just about to send off my Visa form (189 skilled independent) Have colour scanned all my documents, but do I need to get my passport and spouses passport and birth certificate certified? And if so by whom? Have searched through the immi website and some say yes and some say no. When i did my skills assessment my friend who is a nurse certified everything, would she be able to do it for my visa too? Or i have another friend who is a solicitor, could they do it? Many Thanks Sarah
  7. Hi chaps Has anyone applied for a skilled independent visa 189? I am just filling in the forms and I am confused as to what to do. I have to give 10 years of evidence for skilled employment, but have only 5 years employment as a gas fitter. So the rest of the 10 years I was doing unskilled employment. So do I give references for those unskilled 5 years? I have tax documents but no references. I emailed the embassy and this is what they sent to me: As per our website when lodging an application for a 189 visa applicants are required to provide Skilled employment evidence of working full-time in skilled employment in the 10 years before you were invited to apply, such as: · employment references · contracts, pay slips, tax returns, group certificates · evidence that you have been self-employed · any other documents that you provided to the relevant assessing authority to obtain your skills assessment, including any documents relating to your employment history Whether or not the documents you provide suffice can only be established once the application is lodged. For more information on the docuemnts required when applying for a Skilled Independent visa subclass 189 visa please see: http://www.immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/checklists/189.aspx Any ideas? Did anyone send a full 10 years references? thanks! X
  8. geordiesarah

    New tax Number?

    Hi Guys I went to Australia 10 years ago on a working holiday visa. I am planning to return this year on a 189 Visa. When i return do i need to apply for a new Tax File number or do i keep the old one? I have a new passport since i was last there. Any help would be great, thanks!
  9. geordiesarah

    Skills Assessment - verifying docs

    Hi When i did mine, i got my mate to sign, she's a nurse, and put her name on and nurse registration number. no stamp needed. Good luck!
  10. Hi guys! Quick question... I am filling in my visa application, and it asks for my State/Province of my place of birth. I was born in Newcastle upon tyne, so should i put: Newcastle or Tyne and Wear or England V confused!! Thanks for your help!! Sarah
  11. geordiesarah

    Do I need a medical for a 189 visa?

    Hi guys! just had my invite to apply for a 189 skilled independent visa, so I'm very excited! the question is... Do I need to get a medical before applying? It's not on the checklist, so does that mean I don't need one, or do I get one later on? I have 56 days left to apply for the visa. also, does anyone know if you can scan a passport photo for your police check? Or do you need to take a picture to upload? many thanks sarah
  12. Hi chaps You may think I am being a complete fool! But What is the address to send your TRA skills assessment? Do you just send it to the TRA office in Canberra? TRA dept of industry GPO Box3022 Canberra ACT 2601 Australia Just want to make sure it's right before I spent £50 posting it!! Thanks So excited this day has finally arrived!!
  13. Hello everyone, Does anyone know how to find out what their uk qualifications are equivalent to in Australia? I shall tell you what I mean... I am a qualified gas engineer (gas fitter on the sol list) I have completed an apprenticeship whic included level 2 nvq in gas and I got my acs card, this was 3 years ago so now I can apply to get my skills assessed if that is the level they are asking for. After that I completed level 3 nvq, if they ask for the equivalent to level 3 then I will have to wait till July, as this would be 3 years after that was completed. I am a bit confused! I tried the aqf website but no luck there. I just thought I could get a quick answer on here if anyone else has been in a similar position. Also, has anyone found all their qualifications don't fit on the form? Should I just add them separately? And what do you do if you can't get your boss to sign all you copies of certificates etc? I don't really want to ask him as I won't be leaving for a year and it will make everything rather awkward at work! Many thanks to you all
  14. geordiesarah


    HI Scrumpy Just about to apply for skills assessment and trying to work out whether to go through VETassess or Vic Uni. Would you not reccommend Vetassess? What did you actually have to do in the assessment? I hope you have now made it to oz as you replied to me over a year ago!! It has taken me ages to get all my qualifications and experience up to speed for the Visa. I hope that everything has worked out well for you, and i am looking to be in oz in the next couple of years :-) sarah