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457 Visa Help

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Okay so, my options for staying in Aus right now are either to get an employer to sponsor me or apply for de facto with my gf.


I would rather get a 457 right now though as the de facto is a... much more of a risk.


Could I just ask - apparently the min wage is $53,900 now? Is this just... across all sectors? I'm in the web design sector, I have a company interested (manic mailing), they have just replied to me... but they're not currently registered as a sponsor and he asked my salary expectation.


I said that this is the minimum - is this correct? And does anybody know if it's relatively easy for an employer to get sponsorship rights quickly?


Also, that seems pretty high to make a mandatory salary across all jobs... is there no other kind of visa to get sponsored or is 457 the one and that's the min. salary?

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much more of a risk


Not usually.


The mandatory salary is the 'Market Salary Rate' for the skilled occupation in question, with an exception for very highly paid employees. Your salary expectation is irrelevant. You MUST be paid the Market Salary Rate and that is the end of the matter.


There are several pitfalls in - being approved as a sponsor, nominating a prospective employee and having a visa application approved.


May I suggest that you and your prospective employer undertake extensive Google homework or consult a registered migration agent?

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Oh really?


Well it's just that we're not sure how our evidence stacks up... (I have read extensively but it's still hard to know fully) for the de facto... obviously that would be much better when all's said and done.


We have a joint lease (the past 10 months / 12 + by the time of application) and were thinking of combining that with a registered relationship certificate (Vic), but in order to apply for the reg relationship as you know: I need to have been living here for 12 months. And I can't wait for that as my WHV will expire... and it then takes 28 days for that...


Could I ask whether you know if I can be granted a 457 whilst a de facto application is in limbo?


As in: could we apply for the de facto now, on the presumption it may get rejected... I continue to work on a bridging visa... get granted a 457 - then as soon as I have been here more than 12 months: we register our relationship and keep that and any other building evidence as ready to go if it comes to appealing the partner visa?


If I am granted a 457 whilst the partner is in wait... will that cancel the partner one? Or will I just hold a 457 and still get a decision. My thinking is that, if the partner visa fails - I will at least have work and residency rights granted for years, and we can appeal or build life evidence from there in the mean time. Freely. What do you think?

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