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Registering Our Relationship


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So I came here in March 2013, to be with my gf, and my WHV expires in March this year.


We don't live together but have a joint lease on the apartment I live in, and have been advised that if we register our relationship... that - along with the joint lease will be enough to get a de facto visa approved. Problem is - the register relationship requires that you have been living here for 12 months, is that right?


I wouldn't have been living here for 12 months until the day my visa expires and if I apply for registering the relationship on that day... my WHV will no longer be valid as I wait and we can't lodge the de facto visa until we have that.


So is perhaps the only way that I get some kind of visa, perhaps a student one to allow me to stay longer so that I can rack up the 12 months, register, and then go for de facto?


Any advice is hugely appreciated. Thanks!

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You can look at a bridging visa whilst apply for defacto visa they look into certain circumstances of every relationship which can bridge you until your eligable for the defacto visa




Bridging visas are granted when you apply for a visa onshore, and come into effect once your existing visa expires. You can't choose to get a bridging visa to pass the time until you are eligible to apply for another visa.

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lol ..@what..


It was a suggestion to look at this.. not a fact,



Except that that your suggestion does not address the posters question nor is it valid advise so isn't helpful.


For him to get a bridging visa he needs to apply for another visa. His issue is he doesn't know if he can apply for another one.


re the post.


It appears you have looked into the partner visa rather late..the best option would have been regional work with a second WHV (depending which one your on). Student visa is very expensive. You need access to over $18,000 per year of study in funds plus your tuition funds plus money to return home.


Perhaps speak to a registered migration agent? Do you have any skills/qualifications for a working visa?

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It depends which state you are in but in QLD you are not required to be in a relationship for 12 months before registering it but only 6 months so check the rules. There doesnt appear to be a time limit for VIC, TAS, ACT or NSW as far as i can see on their websites so get your rlationship registered quickly then you can do your paperwork before the march deadline.


At least 1 of you in the relationship must have lived in Queensland for at least 6 months and you must provide evidence to prove this.


To register a relationship you must:



  • be over the age of 18
  • not be married or already in a registered relationship
  • not be in a prohibited relationship
  • have at least 1 person in the relationship living in Queensland.


However, if you do register your relationship then the 12 month requirement to live together is waived

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