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  1. Clear, coloured scans of original documents are fine. Presuming everything you have is in English. The only thing you need to worry about is making sure form 888's are witnessed - this of course is different to needing something certified. But some people don't know that and assume they won't need to witness form 888's.
  2. No such thing as front loading medical a and police checks for partner visas anymore (well in terms of using it to speed up an application anyway). and if you have applied from an embassy like London (and you have applied for a partner visa as you seem to have), your acknowledgment letter will have details about waitin to be asked to complete these to ensure your given the maximum amount of time to enter Australia.
  3. You pay, do your sponsors form and upload documents - most mara agents I know suggest you can take about 2 weeks. Your BVA is sent to you almost immediately after you pay, some people have said it can take a little longer e.g 24 hours.
  4. There are countries in Europe that do this so it's not ridiculous for someone from that part of the world - as the OP is - to think it might be possible. Then you have these kind of articles kicking about: http://www.theage.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/citizenship-for-sale-government-explores-pricebased-immigration-system-20150503-1myvwk.html OP - you could possibly look into becomming a teacher of textiles design with some addiitonal study if moving to Australia is something you are keen to do. Can't promise teaching jobs would remain on the SOL/CSOL lists though... Best of luck
  5. Yes. Have a look at form 888 - it meantions on there that if you are not Australian or a PR that you can still write a statement but it still be signed by the equilavent authority (like a notary public). You certainly don't have to go to an embassy. my partners British parents wrote about: 1. When they met me 2. When my partner and I moved in together 3. How they witnessed us as a couple - and could see clearly we were in a loving relationship 4. How I had become part of the family 5. How I'd spent Christmas and other occasions with them and often visited them with my partner 6. Our plans when we were in australia, how they new we wanted to purchase a house that type of thing...it can be typed or handwritten on a bit of paper. I can't remember how they addressed it, something like to whome it may concern or something!
  6. You don't really have a choice if you don't know a single other person with PR or who is a citizen haha. So supply your 1 stat dec and then get as many other statements completed and witnessed as possible by other family members and friends. The statements form part of the social evidence of your relationship so to compensate for only having 1 stat dec just provide further social evidence e.g the additional statements, flight tickets, proof of holidays/weekends away together, wedding/engagement/birthday invites, pictures of you with family and friends. This is what we did when we applied for a partner visa.
  7. We have seen a few surprise visits from IMMI for people going from an 820/309 (temporary) to an 801 (permanent) on another forum I frequent that's more focused on partner visas. Otherwise the visits have happened before any visa (temp or permanent) has been granted. If you are granted an 189 you obtain that visa in your own right as far as I am aware, so even if you are no longer together soon after you arrive the visa cannot be taken away from you - unless IMMI are informed and given (or they find) evidence of you obtaining your visa fraudulently e.g by pretending to be in a relationship with someone just to get a visa
  8. If between the two of you, you only know one Australia PR/Citizen (note that you can get Australian PR to complete them, not just citizens) then obtain statements from the UK or NZ citizens that you know. The more statements the better really. The statements won't be considered stat decs but better to provide them than to only supply 1 stat dec. Not sure where you are at the moment (in or outside Australia) but this is taken from the IMMI website: "..are unable to get an Australian citizen or Australian permanent residentto complete a statutory declaration in support of your relationship with your partner, you may obtainstatements from people who know you and your sponsor. Such statements are not statutory declarationsunder Australian law. However, in accordance with policy, they should be witnessed or certified accordingto the legal practices of the relevant country. Failing that, they should be witnessed by a personwhose occupation or qualification is comparable to a person included in the prescribed persons list onpages 29–30. This person should sign, date and specify their occupation or qualification at the bottom ofthe statement."
  9. engaus

    Question about Form 888 - handwritten only?

    they mean that you need atleast 2 form 888's - so two witnesses to your relationship. You only require one person to witness the statement.
  10. engaus

    Online or paper? partner visa onshore

    Witness statements/Form 888 still need to be witnessed. So you would need to get them written up online, printed, witnessed, then uploaded to your application. Or handwritten, witnessed then scanned and uploaded online.
  11. engaus

    Online or paper? partner visa onshore

    Definetly online. Pros: 1. Don't need anything certified if you can colour scan your official documents 2. Bridging visa received almost instantly (if you need it)Ability add more evidence as you go very easily 3. You can fill in all the forms and then have about 2 weeks to add all your evidence 4. Knowing that they have received your application and evidence unlike posting 5. IMMI prefer online applications because there are easier to go through I applied online and would not choose to apply by paper when times comes for our 801.
  12. Then I guess we will agree to disagree given neither of us are agents.
  13. There are lots of things in the partner visa booklet that can be interpreted in different ways. This is something I have seen many MARA agents mention: 'Usually resident' is not defined in migration legislation, although the policy intent was for it to provide a test of the sponsors commitment to Australia and capacity to support yourself and any eligible dependent family members. As a matter of policy, generous interpretation is usually supported, particularly given the increasing impact globalisation has on where people choose temporarily to live and work. Therefore in the absence of periods of long term residence in Australia, weight may be accorded to your sponsor’s 'firm intention to reside' in Australia.
  14. a PR doesn't have to be living in Australia to sponsor a partner (I have seen people who have only validated their visa but never lived in Australia sponsor partners). But I believe they would need to show intentions of moving there e.g job offer, friends/family, house etc etc. Same as a RRV. if it was me I would apply now if I could and get the process underway. Processing times for partner visas from London are 10-14 months, most I have seen lately have been getting approved at about the 10 month time frame. So if you apply in May, get it approved around fen she could possibly follow you out there. May be a case of you going ahead her for a month or so but you would use that time to get set up, find work, a place to live etc. If she applies onshore it's more expensive, the processing time is longer and she would be put on a bridging visa for almost that entire duration which a lot of people find it very hard to find any decent work on. There is also a possibility that you would be questioned at the border on your intentions in Australia - if she is on a tourist visa and you are PR. They do reserve the right to turn people away an cancel tourist visas if they don't believe you have genuine intentions. But I can't comment on the probability of that.
  15. Make sure the daughter who is studying law does some thorough research into whats required to be a lawyer here. I would not suggest that she qualify's and then comes straight to Australia. We have a HUGE oversupply of law graduates and she will struggle to find work if she has no legal experience. She will also need to complete additional study at university (in Australia) to ensure her degree is comparable to that of an Australian degree. My partner had a UK law degree and was required to study 4 additional units to be admitted into Victoria to practice. This cost him $20,000. My partner has now returned to the UK because of the difficulty he had in finding work in this sector.