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Moved to Altona


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Hi all,


We moved from Germany to Altona 5 weeks ago and it is just great. Ten minutes by foot and you are standing right at the Bay.

But we have got a small problem. Our container with our furniture will arrive in the beginning of February and we have got a few heavy items in it.

It would not be a big problem to carry them but as the container is on the trailer you have to lift the item down to the ground.


We met a few people but we do not really have someone to help to unload the container. Does someone propably know a company we can ask for help ? We tried a few handyman but they don't do stuff like that. I think a moving company is also not interested because they don't have to move something well except from the container to our house.


Any idea ??

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I would try a small local moving company. Look in the advertisements in your local free weekly newspaper. Most people who work for small removalists work casually for an hourly rate and the removalist will either offer you someone by the hour to help, or tell you the name of one of their workers who is after a few extra hours.


I think this should work. Good luck! (and welcome)

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