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2nd WHV evidence requirments


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I completed my regional work during my first working holiday visa, and am now applying for my second visa. I was just wondering if there was any way of attaching my evidence on the online application, as I can't seem to find anywhere to upload scans of my evidence ... or will I only have to provide evidence if contacted?? I am worried about submitting and paying for the visa and getting rejected because I was not able to attach any proof that I did my regional work ....



Any help on this would be great!


Thanks x

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I applied for my 2nd WHV last november using the online application. After completing the application i was given a link to attach proof of my regional work at the end but for some reason i was unable to attach any documents. about 2 hours after lodging the application my 2nd year visa was approved anyway!! Not one phone callas been made to me or my employers. Having said that i haven't left aus and im sure if i did and tried to return i would get pulled to one side and would have to prove my regional work....... Just keep your documents with you and you should'nt have any issues. On a side note the cost of the WHV skyrocketed since i took it my 1st year!!

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