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costs of shipping a car over


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hi we are new to the whole car shipping over and dont really know much about it yet.

basically we have a 56 reg citroen picasso with aircon and 45k on the clock so think its worthwhile taking over. its worth about £3200 and a lot more in australia. ive just seen the ironlady website but wanting to know all costs involved in shipping car over, ive heard a few scare stories of people beng quoted cheap then getting hit with large costs over there so just wondering is there a rough breakdown of costs from start to fin,

i.e car shipping

export tax

mew driving licenses

insurance etc etc

import tax etc


help much appreciated.

iron lady has lots of good reviews so looking into them currently

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Hi :) if you haven't sent us an email for a breakdown of costs yet, please feel free to do so - our quote is as comprehensive as we can make it. Unfortunately if you ask for a quote from a shipping line, they will only quote the cost to get it on the boat and over to Australia, without including the charges at this end.

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