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Meeting up with Australian friends this weekend


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I've just finished packing for a weekend in London, friends from Australia are doing a European tour and have been in London for a couple of weeks.


It's so nice that my son is going to get to meet up with the first friend he made when we moved to Fremantle and whom he went to school with for 5 years. They didn't become 'best friends' but as families there was always a bond, the mum was a classroom assistant in my son's first year at school in Australia and she was always someone he could turn to.


I think it's important for my son, who has spent half his life in Australia to not simply ignore that part of his history and seeing friends from Australia integrates those experiences with his life here - this is the second friend he will have met up with since we returned 6 months ago.


I do hope one day he'll do the inevitable 'working holiday' and have friends and families he can meet up with, and I look forward to welcoming hoards of Aussie young adults into our home here.


What's been lovely is seeing all the updates of our friends holiday on Facebook and seeing them really appreciate the UK, even the weather!

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Completely agree. We've had several friends come and stay with us since we came back and my eldest daughter's best friend from Sydney is 'doing' Europe next year and coming to stay ( I just wish she'd let her Mum come too!).

Our girls have lots of people to stay with when they go there too. It's great for all of them.


Have a lovely weekend :smile:

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