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Reasonably priced international movers.. HELP


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Move Cube, found then top notch. You have to do all the work, sorting, cleaning, packing etc but well worth it.


Make sure you read up on what cannot be shipped and what should be cleaned well. We had Xmas decs and a box of shoes checked by customs in Aus.

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We have used 'overseas packers and shippers' 4 times (YES 4 times!) for our boxes and have found them to have the best price each time. They were always reliable and our stuff has always turned up in the same condition we packed it in. Very happy with them. They are based in Brisbane and somewhere here in the UK. You contact them for a quote here.... overseaspackers.com.au

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have you seen my recent post? Ive got a really good deal on shipping, I can share 10' of a 20' container or 30' of a 40' container as i only have at max 10' of stuff to take.

UK to Brisbane 41 days port to port, insurance last quoted to me at 1.5 % of the value :)

Only catch is you have to pack it an itemise it yourself... but A LOT cheaper!

Please feel free to PM me if this might be of interest to you.

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