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Uk passport renewal for children- countersigning rules


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Havent posted on here in ages.:eek:

Have searched numerous places but can`t seem to find an answer for this.


Have been in Melbourne since August 2012- my 3 kids passports are up for renewal (we have plenty of time before our holiday)

Guidance notes state `For child applications (aged under 16) it is also to confirm that they have known, for at least two years, the adult who signed the declaration form. They must also confirm that the person has parental responsibility for the child and confirm the child’s photo.


Since we have not lived here for 2 years we don`t have access to a countersignatory who can meet the requirements





The countersign rules state


If you cannot comply with the countersignatory requirements your application may be delayed. You must provide a full explanation when you get to the ‘Additional information’ section of the online form and we will contact you to agree a way forward.


Would be good to understand the proper rules up front so that we can act accordingly.....

This must crop up all the time. Have seen plenty of info regardig adult applications for renewals stating this isnt neccessary but counter signing looks mandatory on all kids passports under 12.




Anyone have any experience in this field?


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We had not known anyone for the 2 year period before application so our children's teacher counter signed and it was all good............for example............teacher knowing we were committing to OZ for x amount of years even though technically we had only been there 17mths

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