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places to go on Rhodes with a toddler

Vikki Douel

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Hi all


have just moved to Rhodes this week from the uk and we are staying for 3 months here. Is there any other local mums with toddlers that can recommend where I can go? We have been to the shopping centre but unsure if there are any local groups or specific places or things to do. My son is 2 and so far seems quite happy being inside but think we might both go a bit crazy after a while.



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Tons of stuff on in the Olympic Park which is just round the corner



Brays Bay Reserve (just on the other side of Concord Rd) is a great little waterfront park, if you haven't seen that yet - good playground for little ones



Can't help with toddler groups or similar but hopefully that's a start

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Hi Vikki

Our family (me, my wife and our two boys aged 4 and 7) arrived from the UK just before Christmas and we're using Rhodes as a stop-off for a few months, while we investigate other places to live.


We're on Shoreline Drive and there are three nice little parks nearby. One has a sandpit, which our 4 year old loves. Two have swings and they all have slides toddlers seem to use with a little help! There's also a play school just around the corner, but we haven't been: http://rhodescentralpreschool.com.au


Taking our boys to the Olympic park this Saturday for the free open air cinema. (The Croods is on at 8pm, perhaps too late for your little guy?)


Then on Sunday we're going to get Family Fun Day tickets. They only cost $2.50 each and you can go almost anywhere: http://www.sydneytrains.info/tickets/which/funday

Last week we went from Rhodes to Manly beach, via train and ferry, giving us a great view of the Opera House and bridge on the way.


My wife is working here as a midwife and I'm taking a career break for a bit, until we get the boys back into school. It can be tricky keeping them occupied all day, but at least there's no snow or flooding to cope with!


Hope you're settling in okay.

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Thanks very much captain m :)

We are also on shoreline drive right next to the park but this one seems a little old except for the slide.

will certainly consider the open air cinema. 8pm might not be too late as his sleeping patterns are still a bit out of whack.

And will check out the family fun pass for this sunday too, sounds ideal.


I guess what I miss about being back home is all the local groups I went to. Think there was almost 1 every morning and he loved them.


Thanks for your help

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There are loads of groups here too, I'm just not sure where they are advertised round your way. Australia is pretty big on clubs and community groups. Might check out the local council website too?? (I think yours is Canada Bay)


The family funday Sunday tickets are brilliant for getting out and about - very very cheap

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