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Guest potatoes3



The health check is fairly straightforward but here are some useful things people warned us of;


Urine and blood samples are needed on the day. (tattooed applicants need more at an extra charge)


Chest xrays are needed for all UK applicants.


The waiting time for appointments at approved clinics can be 6 weeks with 2 weeks processing and posting time. This means your visa application approval can be delayed by 2 months.


We opted to complete and sent off medicals with the main application in the hope of saving this time but remember that medical clearance is only valid for 12 months.


We are applying for an SIR visa with a de facto partner and our total bill was £480 (including tattoos!)


The list of approved UK clinics is on the Dimia website.


Hope this helps

Lizzie and Gary

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Thats strange about the tattoos, I have a small one but there was nothing different in the blood tests.

All said the medical took about five minutes. Check you can see, bump on the knees quick inspection, blood test and urine test and that was about it!

Was quite amused as it wasn't partucularly through - Maybe it was just the Glasgow Cartel!

£180 for five minutes :?

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Guest Heathertoes

They also check your eyesight , blood pressure and your weight :shock:

Wherever you book into they should be able to tell you all you need to know and bring.


If you have kids then they need to have a med as well, but depending on age they don't need a chest xray or give blood. Oh yes, and the little red book with all their jabs in.


They are not a scary as you might think they are - its just a top to toe MOT really!


Good Luck

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Guest sabink

OK then what would make you fail a medical.


The reason I ask is my partner has endometreosis, since the age of 13. Not life threatening or anything like that, its actually a 'female' problem if you know what I mean


Its under control, but we wouldnt want to go through the process and fail at end. Is there any way of checking this?

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Guest Sunshine

Hi Guys.


The criteria for failing meds is that the medical officer deems or forecasts you are likely to cost the Australian health system more than $2,000,000 throughout your lifetime in Australia.

You have to be extremely sick for this to happen.


So please don't worry too much about these medicals, even if you have a "condition" which you consider may be a stumbling block, as long as it is being treated / under control and there are no other medical issues as well, you will pass. You will not fail for having high blood pressure (as long as it is being controlled effectively) being overweight (as long as you are otherwise healthy, exercise etc) or because you are have diabetes so PANIC NOT!


Oh and BTW even if you do fail you can always appeal the decision.



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