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What income/finance info to bring to Aus?


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I've been trawling through the forums and I'm yet to find an answer....did find a few arguments though so I will try to be as clear as possible!


When we leave for Australia soon, OH will be quitting his UK job and looking for one in Aus (obviously!). We have kids and will be lodging a claim for the family-based allowances. Centrelink will want to know about income & assets. Our assets will be of the liquid kind & I guess we just hand over bank statements to prove that. Its the income bit that needs explaining. Will Centrelink want to see UK P60/P45/payslips? Any advice on which bits of paperwork to bring with us would be greatly appreciated!


Last time I was in a Centrelink office was 2000 to tell them I had a job. I didn't have kids back then, so this is new territory for me. I know they can be very particular about what they want to see and don't like to be confused by unfamiliar paperwork.



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