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  1. readstogo

    What's Adelaide like for a newley arrived family??

    I spent my teens & early twenties there (in the southern suburbs) and I never really liked it. One of my brothers still lives there, but the other one moved as soon as he could! My parents love it though. For me it's nothing major wrong with Adelaide, I guess I never understood the 'big city, small town' mentality. There's loads for young families and the 30+. Teens and young adults, not so much. The live music scene was good back in the 90s though. I must admit, when I first heard 'radelaide' I thought it was ironic!
  2. I've always taken "tailor CV to the job applied for" to mean you make your previous jobs look similar. For example, OH works in the leisure industry. I've always told him it's basically the same job whether the centre has lycra-clad cougars, ice-skating kids, or ten-pin bowling. As a manager, he does the same tasks! But employers won't see his skills as transferable, so he 'tailors' his CV by making his tasks and skills relevant to the job applied for. His employment history doesn't change on his CV, he just adapts the blurb he writes under each position. Also, CV's in Australia tend to be longer than UK ones. They seem to like 2-3 pagers! You don't have to put in every job ever had, but you can explain gaps or early working history in the intro (ie I have a strong work ethic since I started working when I was 15 etc) Hope this makes sense. Good luck!
  3. I can see I'm going to get into an argument with my mum over this! She's meeting us in Brisbane and says "bring the car seats, pommie so&so is using their UK ones with no probs". I doubt she would be impressed with 6 points and $660 fine (2 kids in incorrect seats!) though. Out of interest, anyone know of somewhere at Heathrow I can dispose of a car seat? My youngest needs it for the coach, but after that it will be useless!
  4. OMG it's actually real now! OH has handed in his notice at work and we're giving notice to our landlord. I had been planning on a May departure, but itchy (and cold!) feet has brought it forward to March! In a bit of a spin right now, but the 2 years of research and planning should save my sanity. Good luck to everyone still waiting to get that magical (and surprisingly boring!) email from their CO.
  5. Depends on the airline. I asked Qantas for FIL when he migrated to NZ and the 'migrant' fare was £1000 more! Was told it would be cheaper to buy excess baggage. Saw on here recently that Singapore Airlines automatically give the unvalidated visa holder extra 10kgs, plus they have upped their economy allowance to 30kgs!
  6. My Dad had completed 22 yrs service with Royal Marines before migrating to Aus. He joined the Army Reserves (after struggling to adjust to working with civilians!), and later transferred to the Regular Aus army. There are loads of poms in the forces over there; my Dad even came across people he served with years ago! It can be done. Like the others said, check out the website. The Reserves don't suffer the same stigma as the TA does in the UK either.
  7. readstogo

    Supporting evidence to be certified for 309/100?

    Take copies of what you send them; we didn't get child tax credit statements, car & home insurance certificate or council tax bill back All that came back in the SAE was stuff like photos and cards. Thankfully my insurance is done online so I could print them again if needed. Just annoying really, plus I overpaid postage on the SAE!
  8. Not yet, but we had always planned to move in May 2014 anyway as the flights are cheaper.
  9. readstogo

    De Facto visa for British partner advice - evidence

    Have you got evidence of trips together (plane bookings, hotel stays etc), evidence that you have been in contact even though you are apart (itemised phone bills). Do you go on each others car insurance when visiting? Is there a paper trail between each other's bank accounts? I have seen others on the forum who are in a relationship, but don't live together because the Australian is in Australia and the partner is somewhere else. You will also need to submit statements from yourselves and from others, including Australian citizens. Here is where they would be effectively giving evidence that you are both in a mutually exclusive relationship together. Work with the evidence that you have. Use your personal statement to explain the evidence provided. Good luck!
  10. Hi Tootsie! Don't front load the application with police checks as your partner may need to do them again...the clock starts ticking from the date of the police check. Medicals can't be done without a HAP Id number, which the Case Officer will give you along with a date to do it after. Don't worry about being the driving force behind the application. OH hates paperwork so it was basically me who spent hours filling, fretting, re-filling & gathering evidence. I put my foot down when it came to the personal statements though! The booklet on the immi.gov website is pretty thorough, but I wouldn't print it off as it's huge! This forum is also a great place to ask others who are doing the same thing. Good luck!
  11. Hello! I've been trawling through the forums and I'm yet to find an answer....did find a few arguments though so I will try to be as clear as possible! When we leave for Australia soon, OH will be quitting his UK job and looking for one in Aus (obviously!). We have kids and will be lodging a claim for the family-based allowances. Centrelink will want to know about income & assets. Our assets will be of the liquid kind & I guess we just hand over bank statements to prove that. Its the income bit that needs explaining. Will Centrelink want to see UK P60/P45/payslips? Any advice on which bits of paperwork to bring with us would be greatly appreciated! Last time I was in a Centrelink office was 2000 to tell them I had a job. I didn't have kids back then, so this is new territory for me. I know they can be very particular about what they want to see and don't like to be confused by unfamiliar paperwork. Thanks!
  12. The info on immi website is a little out of date because it also states that their guideline processing times are 5 months....it's been a while since I've seen someone on this forum get granted that quickly! Ensure you have got the most up-to-date form too. They changed it when we were half-way through completing it and had removed a heap of questions. It was by chance that I was checking to see if I could use the updated version of adobe where I could fill the form in online and then print to sign.
  13. Thanks everyone! This forum, and this (and other related) thread has been a great help. Our CO was KP. OH's initial entry deadline is one year after police check as that was what CO received first. When we got the email telling us when to sort medicals, I used that as a way of thinking of 'when was the latest we want to enter by'. We were given a date in August, but chose September because the prices of flights go down again. We're aiming for a May departure though. Newbie121, I'm sure you will get yours soon....I had given up and was expecting mid-Jan grant.
  14. WooHoo! OH's visa granted TODAY! :jiggy:He got the 100 too, although we've been together for 13 years, married for 8 & have 3 kids so I would have been surprised if he was granted the temp one. Fingers crossed that anyone still waiting gets good news soon!