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School Children get on the WA Shark Cull case...


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Even schoolkids have more of a clue than Barnett and ignorant clueless Rednecks who just want a license to kill, but note ...they are Canadian schoolkids... perhaps our kids will take a stand as well. I know my 7 year old keeps asking...why they want to kill something that just wants to survive in a harsh environment.





Meanwhile whilst the Barnett Govt aim to waste more taxpayer dollars they cant even get their Sh** together to hire so called 'Pro Fishos' to fight out a tender for Drum Lining NO attacks have been made despite the tens of thousands + in the water lately..


So much for rumours our waters being awash with JAWS !




<Ive posted this previously and Im happy do again>



In WA 2013 death by shark =1


In WA 2013 death on roads = 154



To put into a bigger perspective -


In WA for the last 100 years there have only 20 shark fatalities


Divide this figure by the number of beachgoers and water sports activity per day over 365 days over 200 years then you get a staggering probability. Research estimates conservatively this year alone there have been over 4 million people in WA waters..


So what the odds of a fatal encounter with Jaws? More than 1:4,000,000


Look no further for mass stupidity than those in favour of culling ...

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