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Anyone being recruited by Qantas?

Guest Gary Lucas

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Guest Gary Lucas

Really going through the mill at the moment! Answered job advert for Qantas in Feb 05, had the interview in Apr 05, got told in Jun 05 that I'd been successful....Great!! Guaranteed job, sponsored for a 4 Yr Temporary Visa (leading to Permanent Residency sponsorship if they like me and I like them!), help with relocation, based just ouside Sydney...what could go wrong? Filled out the reams of necessary paperwork (TRA etc etc) had the medicals, mid Jul and hey presto...visa approved! Now we are really gearing up for going, until, out of the blue an e-mail from Qantas " due to a company-wide manning review we are having to re-evaluate the position we were recruiting you for"...aaaaagh! So near but still so far.

We (wife and 2 girls 15 & 6) are so keen to go; I'm in a good job (RAF)here that pays well but we've just had enough of this place and feel that if we don't do it now, then we never will!

I'm just curious - is there anyone else reading this forum who has like me(sort of !) been recruited by Qantas to work at Richmond....long shot, but you never know?!!

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