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Degree Assessment or RPL ?

Ayesha Asfandyaar Khan

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Hello everyone,

I am looking for your kind advice please. I have to go for ACS. Initially i wanted to engage a Mara agent and after speaking with around 10 agents i am more confuse now because everyone is telling me a different story. And i have decided to do this at my own. Basically I am in a situation where I have no bachelor degree but i have been working as a software developer from 2002. I got my MSc.IT degree in 2010. In between i did my High School, a Computer language certificate and short diploma from London. Can you please advise me whether i should go for skill assessment or RPL in order to claim maximum points?

One agent is saying I cannot go for RPL as I have Master Degree in IT + Vendor Certification.

One is saying If I go for RPL I will get 8 year for work experience deducted because to treaty qualification what so ever.

Rest are saying to go for RPL and it will give me 10 points after deducting 5 years of experience? Too many contradictions :err:


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