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Visa 485 (2011) to Visa 190 (WA SS)


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Hi guys,


I just join this forum, a new member, sorry to suddenly ask some long question.


I have 2 questions here regarding visa 190 with WA State Sponsor. 'Plant and Production' Engineer as my skill assessment. (60 points)

Age - 30 points

Degree - 15 points

Study - 5 points

Work Exp - 5 points

WA State Sponsor - 5 points


Curtin University Bachelor Electronic and Communication Engineering, Live in WA for 4 years. My questions are:




Question 1


If my occupation is in the list of WASMOL



Do I have to provide the document below for visa 190



At the bottom of page it state that:

If you are currently employed in Western Australia, in your nominated or closely related occupation, you must provide evidence that this employment will continue for a further 12 months.

This must be typed on company letterhead and signed by your potential or current employer.


However this website state differently at the most bottom,



or this letter is only required for people whose job profession in the off-list criteria of WASMOL?



So, I repeat my question, regardin WA state sponsorship.

Do I have to provide a letter (COP/Reference/Offer letter) show that the company has contract for me for at least another year in that company?

Is there any additional criteria/documents to provide for WA State Sponsor? e.g. Fund maybe for certain amount?




Question 2

I am using visa 485 at the moment, which I obtained in 2011/early 2012 expired this year (18 December 2013).


I heard there is a new rule for visa 485(March 2013) that we need to get health insurance



So my question, do I have to get my health insurance when lodge my EOI for visa 190?



Hope you guys can help me answer my questions,

Best Regards,


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