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TRA trade assessment confusion ....


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Hi Guys,

I am about to submit my documents to TRA for my skills assessment.

I have one issue regarding the job role that I am skilled at that i would like to clarify.

The issue is that oil and gas operators and power plant operators essentially do the same job although they have slightly ANZSCO codes. 399212 and 399213.

I did my apprenticeship and worked for 5 years as a oil and gas operator then I changed to a gas fired power plant operator 3 years ago. I have all relevant qualifications in both fields.

Will the skills assessment issue me skills in both fields or will they say I'm only skilled as the most recent ?

The reason I want to know is because it will effect the state that i will qualify for sponsorship with. This is dependant on whether I am oil and gas or power plant or are they treated as the same role? If you can provide me with advise I would be very grateful



kindest regards,




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you will have to ask them to assess you under one of the occupations only. As you need at least 12 months experience out of the last 24 months in your chosen occupation to pass TRA I would think you need to choose the power plant operator as this is your most recent work experience.

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