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Looking for a ICT Business Analyst Job in Canberra


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Hello ,


I am Looking for a job as an ICT Business analyst in Canberra.


I got two degrees, BS in Computer Science & Master of IT.


I worked in a leading IT company as an Intern Business Analyst for 4+ months, that is the only Industry experience I have in Australia. I also worked in a 4 star hotel as a Auditor and also in various Front office roles.


I strongly can Say that, I am a very quick learner and willing to work in any position, even junior or entry level.


I am not an Australian citizen but a permanent resident and a matured aged family man.


To be honest, I am very desperately looking for a job & want to step in any ICT job.


If anyone is interested, then please PM me, I'll forward my CV for consideration.


Your help will be highly appreciated.

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