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My daughter lives in Perth, having got her residency and my son is moving to Brisbane in April 2014, having transferred to the Australian Army (he is given Australian Citizenship, I believe). I am seriously considering applying for a contributory parent visa, and although it will not be for some time (we have decided that we would wait until my son has been there for a certain amount of time to see if he settles properly) I have started doing my homework into whether we would have a reasonable chance of an application being approved, and also the financial aspect of it, ie could we afford a reasonable quality of life if we moved out there.


My questions are:


What is the current cost of the PCV? I have tried the visa price estimator and it appear that for me and my wife it would be approximately £2200 at current prices. I thought it would be more than that so would like to check if I am reading it right (a bit of insecurity there!)


Back in my wilder, reckless days (which I can just about remember) I was done for Drink and Driving. This was in about 1982 - is it likely this will be held against me?


Is there a time criteria from when I can apply. My daughter has her residency for well over a year now, and my son will have his citizenship pretty much on entry. We intend to move to near Brisbane, so does that have any bearing on it?


Finally (for this post, anyway) if the visa is approved is there a time limit of when you have to move out?


Many thanks


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Welcome to PIO



The £2200 that you state is just the visa application fee - the cost of the PCV is actually nearer $85,000AUD for a couple. Over £50K, that is not including the Assurance of support that the sponsor must pay which is about $10-15,000AUD.



Your drink driving shouldn't be an issue, but you should still declare in Application.


For Children to be sponsors for the parent visa, they need to be settled in Austrlaia and the settlement period is around 2 years, on a PR visa, for the sponsoring child. Not many people get citizenship from the start like your son, so not sure how it would work here.


Visa processing for PCV is about 2 years - you have 12 months from earliest date of medicals or police checks to make first entry to Australia. Visas are valid for 5 years from date of grant. So you have some time after visa has been granted and validated to make the move.

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