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Rentals - Breaking a Lease


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I'm just looking for opinions from people who have broken a rental lease in the past.


Basically we have a lease until February 2013, the flat is too small for us now we are staying in Perth permanently (started renting it when we were on our WHV's) - all our belongings are due to arrive in 3 weeks time and if we stay where we are we are going to have to stack everything in the second bedroom and leave everything in boxes, because there is no where else for it all to go. So will be reducing our flat to a one bed and not be able to use anything of our own (current flat is furnished).


We are considering breaking the lease to move into a bigger house.


I've read up about it and from what I can see its a precarious position to be in, in that we would be responsible for finding new tenants (and paying for advertising) and covering any rent shortfall (should there be one) until our lease expires. Now we don't want to tell our landlords we are breaking the lease until we have found somewhere else to live, but feel like we might be in a catch-22 situation really in that I'm assuming most new rentals will want us to provide references from our current landlord, which we wouldn't be able to do without letting them know what we are doing.


Also most rentals are available with a few weeks notice, which doesn't leave a lot of time to tell the landlords and for someone new to sign up and move in, therefore leaving us open to having to pay rent on two properties.


Just wondering what others would do, should we try and break the lease or suck it up where we are until February?

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Guest GeorgeD

Have you asked your shipping comany how much it would be for them to keep your goods in storage?


Many people do break their leases. It can be done successfully. I haven't done it myself, although our landlord asked if he could break the lease as he wanted to sell the house empty rather than with us in it, so we've been on the other end of it. (They couldn't force us out, but we didn't want the hassle of open houses every weekend for months, so moved on)


If someone has done this in WA, I'm sure they'll be along to help...

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