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Veterinary nurse in need of advice!!

Guest gemzy

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I'm a veterinary nurse looking to move to Australia but I'm soooooo confused with the whole system- can anyone help me??


My occupation is on the schedule 1,2 and 3 ( nominated, non nominated and sponsorship) but I don't seem to be able to get any answers- do I need a state/territory government to accept my application, because on the point system they award points if you have??


My occupation is listed on the above lists but on state skill lists it is NOT??!


OR do I need a sponsorship from a job in a veterinary practice??- which is proving a little bit harder than expected!!


I feel a bit :arghh:


If anyone can help it will be fab!!- Even if its to say I have the above all wrong/mixed up and to point me in the right direction.



thank you

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Welcome to PIO


Are you looking at the updated lists - there is not Schedual 3?




Veterinary Nurse is on the CSOL therefore you would need State Nomination to move forward to apply for GSM, or you need to find an employer to sponsor you for ENS or 457.


You would need to check all state migration plans to see if your occupation is on any of them.


Before you could move forward wit GSM application you require to get your skills assessmetn, do the IETLS if need the extra points - lodge your EOI - then apply for State Nomination if your occupation is available and you can pass the points test.


Maybe speak to a Registered Migration Agent to see which route would be best for you.


Are you eligible for a WHV, maybe you could try that way see if you can find a sponsor.

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