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Beginning stages of applying for Immigration...


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Hello, I'm a forum newbie and I'm looking for some help!



My partner and I would like to emigrate to Australia and we have a few questions regarding the process.



We are both from the UK, have UK passports and obtained our teaching qualifications in the UK. I am an Early Years Teacher and he is a Secondary History Teacher. Both of our occupations are on the skilled occupation list. We are interested in moving to Victoria and from their website I can see that my occupation is on the nominated skilled occupation list and his is not. I would like to know the best way for us to apply on Skills Select. Whether it be me applying and adding him to my application, or him applying and adding me to his application.



There are a few areas that I am unsure of. Firstly, would we both get our qualifications, certificates and experience assessed with AITSL if one of us is going to apply and the other being de facto partner? If we both need to then, hopefully all being well, I'd apply to Victoria to be nominated to apply for migration (which could take up to 12 weeks). In the meantime, would it be okay for my partner to apply and add me to his application on Skills Select? Or, would that prevent me from applying when I hear back from Victoria? I suppose the question is, does it make a huge difference being nominated by a territory as regards time spell for being invited to apply?



If the process all goes according to plan, and we successfully end up in Australia, does the de facto partner have the same rights to work as the main applicant?



My partner and I have been in a relationship for almost 2 years and we live together in the Dominican Republic as we teach at an International School there. The company that we work for provides us accommodation and pays our utility bills. My worry is regarding evidencing our relationship as we are not married. What would we require for proof of our relationship?



Should we get an agent to help us? How much does that cost?

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Wow a lot of questions.


DONT get an agent it sound a straight forward application. Get an assessment though they are free. Definately DIY unless your circumstances are not straight forward.


I believe in teaching a PGCE along with a degree is require for teaching.


Proving a defacto relationship evidence: Photos, letters dated, emails are v good, 2 statements proving you are loving relationship. Joint bills, other statements from friends.


Work out who is better at English to see who to put forward for the main applicant as it is hard especially when you need to aim high.


As i believe if you both get assessed your points can increase say by 5 points ... but only do it if needed.


Your OH will have the same rights as you once in Australia .. Work.... everything.


Hope this helps

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Yes, a lot of questions. Thanks for your reply!


We've added up our points and both of us should get 70 (I'd be 65, but I'm hoping Victoria will nominate me which would add another 5). His English would be superior and mine most likely proficient. How tough is the test? Maybe I could study?! So, as his English is stronger, I should go on his app and not bother with being nominated by Victoria?


I think we're both okay for qualifications. I've got a Batchelors Degree with honours in Primary teaching, which focusses on Early Years. He studied History and Politics at Cambridge, the PGSE at Oxford. We've both got 5 years experience too.


Your info on de facto partner is very helpful - got emails, photos, flights info together and statements proving love wouldn't be a problem. The thing we don't have are letters. I could get our current boss/head teacher to write a letter saying we live together company provide us with accommodation and pay bills. Would that help?

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If you get 70 or 65 it is still over the 60 pass mark but I believe the more points you get it counts for more on EOI. The English test is difficult if you need 8's in each band and really stumps you as it did me as I scored 8 8 8 and 7.5. My SS 176 has flown through and I should think that it is the one of the fastest routes into Oz but with the freedom of what you want to do. eg employer etc.


Yes probably would help but try to get offical documentation ie Council Tax in both your names

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