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  1. Deardos

    Moving to Queensland? Join our state specific forum

    Sorry Cerberus. I cant join as I really want to and need too as I have the same problems as the others. hat site has been dead for over a year. No one seems to post there anymore. I wonder if there is another site that acts as it's equivalent. Cant load the captcha to join
  2. Deardos

    Options for Parents visa??

    Thanks, What about a more longer option as they get older and I need to look after them ??
  3. Deardos

    Options for Parents visa??

    Hi all, We are PR and ,y parents want to migrate on a perminant / temp basis ie 6months in Oz an 6 months in UK. What options are available to me or my parents.
  4. Hi all,Just wondering ifanybody is paying their national insurance contributions. I believe you can pay a lesser out of the country amount. I kow people who have done this 30 years ago and cliaming their state pensions and coming back to the UK with all NI rights including Health Care. I am 33 and with the exchange rate as it is it may be worth a few quid if it can be done ?? Its one hell of a pension when I retire Anyone looked at the same ?? Deardos
  5. Deardos

    Anyone moving to Adelaide?

    Hi guys, I am english but work with many India's, Bengalis in the UK and move over in Feb. Really like India's and the whole Indian sub continent vibe. Would love to meet up, eat, drink and share our experiences. Stu
  6. Hi Nata 27, I am looking for a room share in a house short term. I am family man with twin children aged 18 months coming to adelaide on the 18th of Feb. Really astonished withthe cost for hotel rooms when converting. I will be alone for 10 weeks till the family arrive as I have a job as an Environmental Health Officer in Adelaide so looking for a place for 2-3 weeks till I can get a perminant let for the family Looks like we are in the same postion so PM with your plans etc Cheers Stu
  7. Hi, Finally chosen our removals / shippers Pickford with a Full 20fter priced at £3925 door to door with one months free storage either side with no handling fees. Is this a deal or not? What have you guys been quoted ? Mine is going to Adelaide. The insurance seemed aa bit of a rip off offered by the shipper quoting a £1000 premimum........ so we decided to go with Letton Percival. Have any of you guys had any bad experiences with them ?? Thanks Deardos
  8. Hi All, I have seen i can claim my VAT back on purchase taking to Oz. Is there a time limit do you know. eg We are setting to migrate in March 2013 and a bought a fridge freezer (which is going with) in Dec 2011. Can I claim the VAT bak for any purchase which we have a receipt for ?? Including the new lap top I am going to buy once I leave this septic isle. Deardos
  9. Deardos

    Reclaiming TAX (UK)

    Hi ozbaggs, You can claim some back, think you need to fill out a P85 and provide your P45. The amount depends tho
  10. Deardos

    176 Lodged June 2012

    I HAVE HAD MY VISA GRANTED. Big smiles all round !! :biggrin: Wendy Dazzmatazz who every is updating now can you please put me to red !! Thanks to all of you on this link and who are on PIO for your help !! Lets give a little back and help those new to the process help and assistance. !! Agents who needs them, just go on PIO !
  11. Holtz If you get 70 or 65 it is still over the 60 pass mark but I believe the more points you get it counts for more on EOI. The English test is difficult if you need 8's in each band and really stumps you as it did me as I scored 8 8 8 and 7.5. My SS 176 has flown through and I should think that it is the one of the fastest routes into Oz but with the freedom of what you want to do. eg employer etc. Yes probably would help but try to get offical documentation ie Council Tax in both your names
  12. Wow a lot of questions. DONT get an agent it sound a straight forward application. Get an assessment though they are free. Definately DIY unless your circumstances are not straight forward. I believe in teaching a PGCE along with a degree is require for teaching. Proving a defacto relationship evidence: Photos, letters dated, emails are v good, 2 statements proving you are loving relationship. Joint bills, other statements from friends. Work out who is better at English to see who to put forward for the main applicant as it is hard especially when you need to aim high. As i believe if you both get assessed your points can increase say by 5 points ... but only do it if needed. Your OH will have the same rights as you once in Australia .. Work.... everything. Hope this helps
  13. Sorry guys I should have posted this on PIO before I listed it on ebay. I have a IELTS practice Material up for grabs along with DVD. I have written on a few pages but in pencil. Follow link http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160864127748&ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:GB:1123 its only starting at 99p so it should cover my postage. Thanks
  14. Deardos

    176 Lodged June 2012

    Hi All, As most of you .... I am worried about the medicals. I am 32 years old have a BMI of 34 my OH has a BMI of 30. I am a 20 a day smoker... I know I should know better... but it is such a good idea when your 15 and just want to follow your mates. I am not on any medication and have had blood test MOT at the GP's and he found nothing wrong, blood pressure is fine. As every smoker and I can say they s*?t themselves when a chest x ray comes along, as we dont really want to see the damage done and to find anything untoward. The kids were premature by 6 weeks, they are now 1 years and fit and health and never had any problems since birth. Is anybody in the same position ... Smoker... overweight ????? They must see that we are not all olympic atheltes ?? Need some reassurance Thanks Deardos
  15. Deardos

    176 Lodged June 2012

    Hi guys, i have been just asked to produce ppc and medicals. I have been on holiday the last week. So filling the acro form in now. Just a quick question: Do i get the form sent to the immigration centre in adelaide or do i get it sent to me at my address? How long is it taking at the moment ? To get back to me or adelaide.... I know it says 10 days. Thanks deardos