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Questions about VAC2, do I need to pay it twice?


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Hi all,


I applied for a 475 visa 2 month ago, before this visa granted, I have paid vac2 for my wife.

Now I'm applying for 190 visa, do I need to pay vac2 again?


I can't find any official announcement on DIAC's website, and according to the information on the internet, it seems someone only paid VAC2 once, while some paid VAC2 twice...It depends on CO...


Now I'm confused, any idea?

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You really need to speak to a registered migration agent. have you withdrawen your 475 application? Maybe if you withdraw you might get VAC2 back - take professional advice.


"Allowing for a full refund of the second Visa Application Charge where an applicant has not commenced an English Language course to which they are entitled under the Immigration (Education) Act 1971;" http://www.immi.gov.au/legislation/amendments/2009/091109/lc09112009-08.htm


you should get it back.



"The 2nd Visa Application Charge amount

can only be refunded in extremely limited circumstances, for example if the visa is cancelled before the visa holder enters Australia" http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/990i.pdf

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