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I´m a nurse from Germany and I plan to move permanently to Australia. I´ve nearly ten years work experience and I already passed the Ielts Exam.

I tried to call the Anmac office yesterday, but I couldn´t get through at all, there must have been a problem with the number ... I´ll call them again on wednesday.. hopefully I´ll have more luck then... Anyway, maybe you can help me with some of my questions.

I read on the information sheet that the letter of good standing must be sent directly to the anmac office. I called the organisation who is in charge for this kind of matter in Germany and they said they could send the letter to Canberra, but just a german version ... I do have a certified copy of that letter but I´m not sure if the board will accept this ...

We also don´t have a registration number in Germany, so I don´t know what to fill in the online application form in that relevant column. Of course I do have a certificate of my exam and everything, but no registration number, since we don´t have a registration process over here.

If anyone has any experience or advise ... I´m more than grateful for any help!

Thank you. Denise

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