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VISAS - Regional or low population, growth & metropolitan areas....how does it work??


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Hi All,


We are currently in the process of applying for our 189 visa but the waiting time sounds like...well...a long time!...and my wife is a midwife and the occupation ceiling for that for the period 2012-2013 is only about 1020..very low compared to nurses etc. (13,000+)


When does the 2012-2013 period start and end. I take it that its not ful full 2 year span?


Someone yesterday on here asked had we considered regional or low population areas...this would involve a different visa is that correct??? if so which one?


Do these regional applications go through quicker/priority due to the demand in those areas?


Also, does anyone know if you have to live AND work in the rural area or whether living OR working suffices??


With regards to the visa type for this, is this classed as a state sponsored visa, tying us to that job or area for a fixed period? how long?


We are keen to move to the gold coast but their are regional or low population areas within an hours drive from there so if it only has to involve one of the above my wife would be prepared to work "regionally" with us living on the coast.....is this possible?


Any help would be great.





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The 2012 -2013 starts 1 July.


The regional visas you speak about is the 489 - and it is only provisional visa, you need to live and work in regional Austrlaia for 2 years before you can apply for PR.


If you are looking for faster processing/invitation you should consider getting State Nominaition and applying for the 190 visa.

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