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Running out of money in Brisbane, need work asap

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I've come to Brisbane on a 1 year working visa recently, I have lots of accounts payable experience but things are slow at the moment. I've had a few promising meetings with agencies but I don't want to rely solely on accounts work as I may run out of money before anything suitable comes up.


Please can anybody help me with suggestions of alternative jobs that I may find easier to get hold of, here's what I'm thinking so far:


Farm work - the obvious one but I'm hearing mixed opinions on how easy these jobs are to get, how can I increase my chances of being employed on a farm, is there a place where I can get the numbers for all of the farms around Australia and call them up?


Factories - Heading into industrial estates, adapted CV in hand asking if anybody has any work.


Advertise myself on Gumtree as a strong, able bodied workhorse willing to do whatever anybody wants, working whatever hours on a low wage.


Car / House / Window cleaning - Knock on doors asking if anybody needs anything cleaned, I have no transport and only experience in car cleaning from when I was about 12 but I'm sure I'd be able to wing it and do a decent job at these for a few extra $ to keep me going as a last resort.


Any other ideas or advice / opinions on the above would be very much appreciated.


Many thanks,



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