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Chances of a Visa this year?

Guest StevoGalway33

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Guest StevoGalway33

Hi all


Apologies if this has been answered on another thread, but I can't seem to find an answer from people "in the know"


I am 33, a qualified secondary school teacher and I am eager to emigrate to oz.


I have 40 points on my own, but just recently got 7.5 on my reading (Booo) and 8 or over on all other parts of the IELTS test so I have to resit it asap in order to bring my Independent to 60.


However, I have an aunt that can sponsor me in WA which gives me enough points to gain a visa in that way if I want to and give me 70 points.


But I want to gain an independent visa once I get the 20 points with the IELTS test.


I have sent off my qualifications to be assessed and I'm hoping to get a quick turnaaound on that aspect.


However, if I get my qualifications assessed by the end of September at the latest, and my IELTS test completed, I should have 70 points for my aunt sponsoring me and 60 points for an independent.


Owing to the hope that I should have IELTS and qualifications assessed by September, what are my chances of gaining a visa this year would anyone hazard a guess please?


I am new to this Skillselect process as are all of us, but I realise that there are others out there that know more than me :)


Thanks in advance

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Dont think anyone will be able to tell you as 189 and 489 are ranked for invitation, with only 60 points, it might be a while before you get invited.


Do you have no work experiance for points?


If you want faster processing you should look in to which states are sponsoring Secondary Teachers, and go down the 190 route, which may be betterf roe you considering your points, these visas are not ranked.

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