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  1. Jes11

    medical issues

    Hi Marisa, Nice to hear from you again. I was trying to be positive about waiting timers for the 864 visa of say 10 years - likely to be unrealistic I know
  2. Jes11

    medical issues

    I'm struggling to find information about the medicals requred during the visa process. If we move to Australia, then it is likely that my wife and I will be aged 77 and 75 respectively when we come up for our final medicals. What sort of medical issues cause an applicant to fail a medical?
  3. Jes11

    Confused UK

    Thanks for that Ramot. At the end of the day, there is no clear black or white, right or wrong decision, just a shade of grey.
  4. Jes11

    Confused UK

    Good spot Tulip
  5. Jes11

    Confused UK

    Thanks for that Jon, it's the sort of advice everyone in my position needs to read. We realise that moving to Australia is really a big ask of us, but family bonds are very strong.
  6. Jes11

    Confused UK

    Thank you for that Jadgit, I hadn't heard of that one and it may be just what we need. I will discuss it with Go Matilda when I speak to them.
  7. Jes11

    Confused UK

    Thanks Marisa, that's really helpful and I should have said that I won't be starting the process until my son moves to Australia in two years time when I will be 67. I have contacted Go Matilda, and am waiting to hear from them. I'm very happy to pay an agent to advise me on this, but I just want to hear the truth about waiting times etc.
  8. Jes11

    Confused UK

    I've been looking on this site for a few days now and am very impressed with the help provided especially from Marisawright. Our children want us to move to Australia to join our daughter who has PR. I'm currently aged 65 and my wife is 63.Can we apply for a subclass 143 offshore or do we have to have held the Investor visa since 2018? Our only other option seems to be the subclass 864. Am I right in thinking that we have to go to Australia to apply for this and then have to stay there basically as an unlawful resident on a bridging visa until the visa is processed? Our children have had a discussion with an Agent who says the 864 process takes 3 to 4 years. The government waiting times site appears to suggest 6 to 7 years, but others say it could be 10 to 15 years. I'm confused. Marisa, could you help or could you recommend an agent?