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  1. Hello Quoll, just wondering do you got an updated link from NDIS as the old link is not effective anymore. My concern is that whether what kind of support does a child with mild ASD will be eligible to receive if we were granted any non permanent visa ,eg. 482, 491 Cheers
  2. bearbear128

    Skill assessment -oversea working experience

    Thank you Russell. I will try it out.
  3. Hello Folks, My skill assessing authority told me they will not comment on my oversea work experience. I am a health professional with a valid current full general registration in Australia after. I have completed the relevant educational requirements in Australia. Then returned to my home town where I had the relevant overseaa work experience. I provided every evidence that they have asked as stated in the application requirements. Unfortunately, they just ignore my oversea work experience and the reason is that my work experience was not in the same country where I had my education. What a ridiculous reason!!! In this unpredicted situation, any experience from all of you that Home Affair will recognise my oversea work experiece? I need the points from oversea work experience to meet the visa 190 requirement. Any idea would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  4. bearbear128

    validity of document for visa 190

    Thank you Paul, then I think my documents fulfil this requirement. Cheers
  5. Hello all, Regarding validity of document for visa 190 skilled visa application. For instance, English proficiency proof. I am wondering do I just need to make it is still valid upon lodgment of the visa application to DIBP or it has to be valid for longer than certain period of time before lodgement? Cheers,
  6. I think it makes sense to me though it is sad to face this fact. Thank you anyway for your advice.
  7. Hello Rammygirl, Do you mean when I apply for visa 191, the medical condition would not be an issue?Thanks. T
  8. Hello folk, My situation is: A 6 years old child with autism in mainstream school without any special support in UK. We are keen to return to Australia, however, the applicant does not have enough score for visa 190. It seems visa 491 has a higher chance. We will disclose the medical condition to home affair. My question is if they would grant the visa 491, when we lodge the visa 191 later for PR, will this medical condition be a problem again in visa 191 application? Thank you and wish you all have a Merry Christmas.
  9. Thank you very much Paul, the reassuring of my thought is useful. I am going to apply for skill assessment. Cheers,
  10. Hello powerful migration guru, My question is that I need 5 extra points in order to fulfill visa 190 point requirements. My profession is retail pharmacist which is assessed by APharmC. I had the skill assessment certificate granted for 3 years of work experience. And I also had work experience as industrial pharmacist for 3 years which would be eligible to get skill assessment by VETASS. Question: Can I claim my total work experiences 6 years (3+3 years) from these 2 ANZSCO occupations from 2 skill assessment organisations, that is 6 years of overseas work experience and I claim the 10 points? Any idea is much appreciated.
  11. bearbear128

    visa point score-Regional educational score

    Thank you. Thats not a good news though.
  12. Hello folks, I want to make sure 1 thing in order to add 5 points to my 190 visa point score. My question is whether my study in Gold coast from 2011 to 2013 is regarded as an educational in regional area? The programme meets the 2 academic year requirements. However, as far as I remember, Gold coast was not classified as regional area at that time. Any idea or contact method except calling immigration is appreciated. Thank you. Cheers,
  13. bearbear128

    Medicals autistic child

    @Daisyflowers We have lodged EHCP assessment application and got rejected last April. He is receiving other type of services from local council in school. I will then work with his school and all specialist in order to get some convincing evidence to proof he is able to stay in mainstream school without using extra health services in Australia.
  14. bearbear128

    Medicals autistic child

    Congratulation. So happy to your success. Would you mind to share a bit more about the supporting documents that you have provided to Immigration department. My son is 6 and studying year in England. He is diagnosed with mild to moderate autism at 2 years old in oversea. When we relocated to England a year ago, we lodged EHCP assessment application but got rejected. He is improving in language and behavior. But I am still very struggled to lodge 491 or 190 visa application. Hope you could shed me some light. Thank you.
  15. bearbear128

    Autistic Child with Citizenship

    Hello Ozlozz, My son is also diagnosed with ASD. We are struggling to lodge 491,190visa application as his diagnosis will definitely affect the chance od getting visa approval. Amy update about your case would be appreciated. Cheers